Studex Piercing

We use Studex ‘system 75’ instruments for precision piercing & ultimate hygiene ~ the most up to date system for ear-piercing.


Ear lobes £25
Cartilage £25
Nose £25
For under 16’s we only pierce ear lobes.  An adult must be present and if this adult is not the parent or guardian, a signed letter of consent from them must be given. Children need to be 8 years old or over for ear lobe piercing.
The cost includes a full consultation and studs; a wide selection of Gold plated, Sterling silver or Titanium.  Ear care solution and home-care advice also provided.
What Our Clients Say
“My daughter had her ears pierced and was very nervous. Katy is lovely, so calm and reassuring. Thank you so much for looking after her!!”

Emma C

“Lovely to meet you. You were, friendly, welcoming and reassuring for a nervous daughter getting her ears pierced! She will be back this time next year for her second ones. I will be booking to see you for other treatments soon. Thank you!”

Karen R

“Had ear cartilage piercing – Katy was really friendly and professional and I felt very happy having it done by her. I will definitely recommend her to anyone considering ear piercing.”

Kate L

“My daughter had her ears pierced today and Katy was fantastic, thank you x”

Annette B

“The staff were excellent in explaining all that was happening when I took my 13 year old daughter for ear piercing and made her feel very at ease. Thank you so very much!”

Lisa M