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We use Studex ‘system 75’ instruments for precision piercing & ultimate hygiene ~ the most up to date system for ear-piercing.

Ear lobes £37.50

Cartilage £32.50

To schedule an appointment, please email

Nose £32.50

To schedule an appointment, please email

For under 16’s we only pierce ear lobes.  An adult must be present and if this adult is not the parent or guardian, a signed letter of consent from them must be given. Children need to be 8 years old or over for ear lobe piercing.

The cost includes a full consultation and home-care advice; Studs, a wide selection of 9ct or 24ct Gold, Gold plated, Sterling Silver or Titanium and we also provide you with Ear care solution ~ the new fast healing, antimicrobial lotion for accelerated skin recovery.

Ear piercing lobes and cartilage